Now that you have your new Hedgehog at home, here is a picture guide on how to set up the cage, water bottle, and Ceramic Heat Emitter.

Step 1: To the plastic base, add your litter box and Carefresh or Aspen shavings. Then place your igloo and food dish on top of the bedding.

Step 2 :  Add your pellet litter to the litter box. You just need to add one pellet layer deep.

​I purchase a huge bag from Murdoch's that should last you a very long time.

Step 3:  Fasten the wire top to the base with the 2 plastic clips on each end.

The Water Bottle:

The Cage:

Step 1:   Fasten the spring (found inside the bottle) to the vertical wires on the left side of the cage above the clip.

Step 2:   After filling the bottle with water, insert the sipper tube into the notch in the side clip.

Step 3:   Pull the spring around the

​water bottle to secure in place.

​Reach into the cage and tap the

​red plastic ball until the bottle

​stops dripping.

The Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE) :

Step 1:   After you assemble the clamp onto the lamp, place on top of your cage. Please Do not place the heat emitter above the igloo.

Step 2:  Lay the cord over the clamp so that it doesn't melt on the lamp. You can use the clamp as a handle if you need to move the hot CHE. We also recommend you zip tie the clamp to the cage just in case the lamp gets bumped it it will not hit the floor.

Adding the Wheel: 

Hedgehogs need a wheel for obesity control. A baby hedgehog is too young to hit the gym so don't add a wheel until your baby is about 16 weeks old. Give or take a few weeks depending on the growth rate of your baby. If your hedgehog gets a lot of out of the cage time, a wheel may only be necessary 2-3 times a week.

I usually put the wheel towards the back of the cage because I use the clip at the left side to stabilize the water bottle.


Sometimes hedgies will start to climb the inside of the cage after you bring it home. If your baby is a climber, simply fasten 8 inch tall panels of cardboard, acrylic sheets, or chloroplast (corrugated plastic sheets used for sign making) to the INSIDE of the cage. It is easy to fasten the panels with zip ties, cable ties or bread bag twist ties. You should be able to remove these sheets when your baby settles down from the big move.