Zootown Hedgehogs

USDA Licensed

Located in Missoula MT

Established 2014

Drawings will take place

Monday 9th of December at  at 6pm MST

Everyone who has submitted a Reservation Form and Deposit on a Hedgehog between 11/16 through 12/09 at 5:00pm MST will be entered into the drawings.

Strawberry Hedgehog Bed

Apple Hedgehog Bed

Bonding bag - hat set

Hedgehog Pillow

Bucket Wheel (color will vary)

Hedgehog Pillow

Pillows by FleeceteraCheck out their Etsy Shop!

2 Hedgie Towels/Dish Towels

Hedgie Donut Cushion

(Hedgie not included)

Hedgehog bonding/play mat

Mermaid Bonding Bag

Hedgehog bonding  & hedgie hat

Extra pocket bonding bag

Hedgehog bed

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Specials:

$25.00 Bath Kits


   $150.00 Ground Transport 


$ 160.00 Uber Cage Set up (pick up only)

$15.00 Mermaid or Dragon Bonding bag(while supplies last)

$15.00 Carrier/Bonding Bag sets

$5.00 Bonding Bags