Christmas Babies & Adults

How to Reserve a Baby or Adult:

Step 1: Please click the reserve button on the baby your would like to reserve. Remember to include the ZTHH-ID number on the reservation application. If there isn't a baby available please click the link below and indicate "waitlist" in the ID box on the application.

Step 2: Once you have chosen a baby, you can submit your $50.00 deposit directly from the confirmation page. The non-refundable deposit goes towards the purchase price of the baby, which will range from $200.00 to $300.00 (please see each individual baby for pricing. You don't need to have a Paypal account; you can pay as a guest. The hedgehog will NOT be held without a deposit. **Please note it is the same procedure with Adult adoptions except the deposit is $25.00.

Step 3: Once the Paypal deposit has been received, your hedgehog's photo and information will be removed from the website. Your baby will be ready to take home on the date posted in the hedgehog's description. I will email you about a week before the "go home date" with a list of our available appointment times.

We only accept CASH for the balance on the hedgehog and any supplies.
Photos of babies are taken between 3 1/2 and 7 weeks of age. Please note their color can change as they grow.
Please note we do NOT sell babies or adults for breeding purposes, unless you are a USDA licensed breeder that we know and trust. You will need to sign a non-breeding contract with us upon pick up of your baby or adult. If we are shipping your hedgie, we will email you the forms. The forms must be returned prior to shipment.

All Babies come with:

~ genetic Health Guarantee through 6 months old

~Lifetime Guarantee against WHS (with necrospy)

~Baggie of food

~Care Sheets

~Lifetime post sale support

We do allow visitation to ensure that all of our hedgehogs stay healthy!

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We also offer Gift Certificates!!


Holm Small Pet Transport will be picking up from us 12/24

Hedgehogs can be delivered to locations all over the country (please see approximate map below)!!

email or message us for details!

The charge for delivery(not including hedgehog):

up to 3 hedgehogs is $180 which includes Pre-Trip vet visit(health certificate), travel crate and bonding bag.

Delivery for 4 to 6 hedgehogs is $250.00 which includes Pre-Trip vet visit(health certificate), travel crate and bonding bag.


Black Friday through Cyber Monday Specials:

Bath Kits $25.00


   $150.00 Ground Transport 


$ 160.00 Uber Cage Set up (pick up only)

$15.00 Mermaid or Dragon Bonding bag(while supplies last)

$15.00 Carrier/Bonding Bag sets

$5.00 Bonding Bags


ZTHH - 1094

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Ruby

DOB: 09/30/2019

Ready to go home : Now

Sorry I do not sell babies for breeding purposes.

Our Yearly Tradition continues....Each Hedgehog Parent will go home with a Christmas Stocking for their new family member!!

Introducing Adrien

 (1 year 4 month old Male)

Adrien is a gorgeous big boy.   He LOVES to explore and play with his toys! He also loves his treats too

DOB: 08/08/2018

Ready to go home : 12/07/2019

Adrien is only being offered to a pet home.

$50.00 with proof of proof of proper Cage set up    or   waived with Purchase of Uber Set up

We will have more adults going up for sale by end of month, as well as more babies.  All will be ready to go home by 01/17/20.

We also offer Gift Certificates!