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Zootown Hedgehogs

      Is a Hedgehog the right pet for me?

Hedgies make fantastic pets but are better pets for older children and adults. Hedgies naturally have a very sweet disposition which makes taming them very easy. However, it is important to consider some of the physical attributes of a hedgehog when deciding if one will be the right pet.

Hedgehogs require time and attention to be a good pet.  If a hedgehog is ignored or only played with occassionally they will make a poor pet.  Hedgehogs, like any pet, are a commitment and should not be passed around home to home when interest runs out! 

Hedgehogs have sharp quills and getting poked can be a painful experience which may result in it being dropped and injured. Sharp quills can also be intimidating for a young child and may prevent your hedgie from getting the socialization it needs to be a good pet.

It is a rare occasion for a hedgehog to bite out of fear or aggression. However, they do like to explore their world through their sense of smell and taste and may attempt to “taste” you. A taste test doesn't hurt much but it definitely startles you and may be quite scary for a young child. Being scared of the "tastings" may prevent a young child from providing the hedgehog with the necessary taming and bonding time.

Hedgies MUST be kept at a constant temperature of 78 - 82 degrees to prevent a hibernation attempt that can be fatal.

You must be able to provide proper housing, no aquariums or  tiered cages, hedgies cannot see very well and with no depth perception will walk off counters and beds.  So tiered cages are very dangerous!

At Zootown Hedgehogs, we don't have restrictions for who can have a hedgehog as a pet. We feel that parents' who are informed will make the best decisions for choosing their family pet!